Feel good about staying on top of your work each day

DeskAway is a smart web-based project collaboration software that provides teams a central place to organize, manage & track work.

  • Nothing to download, install or configure.
  • 100% Web-based. Try it before you buy it.
  • Easy to use. Get started in minutes.
  • Feature-rich. Less is always less. More is great.
  • Start small & scale up usage as needed.

DeskAway Screenshot - Project Management App Dashboard

Why use software that has fewer features or is too complex to use? DeskAway beautifully blends simplicity & feature-richness.

Why DeskAway?

Life is short. Work smart and save time so that you can enjoy the other things in life.

Reduce Email Clutter

Move all your project communication to a central location and reduce the clutter in your email inbox.

Delegate & Track

Send out your tasks in the morning and see project delivery happening throughout the day.

Historic Information

Have a footprint of everything that has ever taken place within all your client projects. Maintain a single point of truth.


When you are tracking multiple projects and people, you ought to have everything in one place.

Beautiful Reports

See project activity, work load, time spent on projects, timelines, and project score cards on simple-to-read charts.

Look Professional

Brand your DeskAway site with your company logo and colors. You'll get kudos for being organized and efficient.

We are challenging the current way to collaborate, delegating and track work. We feel there is a simpler and smarter way to get things done. Don't just take our word for it. Check out what others have to say.

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