DeskAway Newsletter: June 2011

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Hey there,

Hope you'll are having a great week! Its monsoon here in Mumbai and we are watching the droplets fall on our window panes as we cook up some interesting stuff for you'll on DeskAway. I think the rain motivates the entire team.

We have always been firm believers in the Cloud and Software As A Service (SaaS) - we believe this is the way software is going to be delivered and consumed. I was fortunate to have a chance to author a book on SaaS earlier this year. Here is a sample chapter.

Over the coming months we are working on a lot of tiny updates and occasional large feature updates. We are trying to keep DeskAway simple yet powerful under the hood.

Enjoy the rest of this newsletter and ping us for anything.

Sahil Parikh
Founder & Author, DeskAway

New Feature - Gantt Chart

A picture says a thousand words about your project. Take a look at the all new Gantt Chart (for each project) and get a birds-eye view of your project - milestones, tasks lists and tasks. You can see charts for each person within the project team and even print or export this report (use the right click).

We're growing! DeskAway is hiring a Web Designer!
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DeskAway Webinar - Making work easy

Join us once a month to learn more about how DeskAway can improve your team productivity. We take users through the basic features of DeskAway and then let them ask us questions. Think of it as an on-boarding process.

The next webinar will be held on 6th July, 2011 6:45 pm IST. Register today.

Happy Customer - The World is Fun

DeskAway allows us to have a staff of 20+ dedicated organizational volunteers WITHOUT an office: A Case Study

The World is Fun is a Non-profit organization which believes in being a catalyst in connecting Seattle's volunteers, corporations and charities in need. They do things a little differently.

Amy Faulker (Executive Director), The World is Fun, shared her views on how they use DeskAway...

on how is it providing value...

"DeskAway allows us to have a staff of 20+ dedicated organizational volunteers WITHOUT an office - which means we can use our resources that would be paying for an office to do things like feed the homeless or have beard & stache festivals. We previously used other programs but DeskAway is the first one that truly gave us the team collaboration we needed to be successful."

on a specific use case...

"In the month of February 2011 we organized 22 events in 1 month and we were able to successfully manage all of the tasks and minute details through DeskAway."

on the learning curve...

"Yes, there is a learning curve but most of it came from the resistance to change which would have happened with any program. The training videos proved to be priceless allowing each person to learn at their own pace and freshen their knowledge as our tasks and scope of work changes."

on email collaboration...

"We use tasks lists the most and are emailing less! It is so much easier to get the message out to everyone (than using email)."

on lowering costs and increasing efficiency...

"With DeskAway our volunteer staff is able to work at their own pace from their own location which has allowed us to function without a full time office. In an organization where every penny counts it has been a lifesaver." For other casestudies, hop on to

Did you know? We extend a 30% discount to non-profit organizations.

DeskAway Reviews

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Friday #cloudchatr

Over the next few years we really will not be downloading or buying expensive software. The Cloud will power most of what we do. With so many tools, services, apps, acronyms it can get a bit overwhelming. #CloudChatr is our way of simplifying everything related to the Cloud. A fun and informative bi-weekly Twitter Chat initiative that helps everyone share and learn cool stuff about the Cloud.

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