Power up your business today

We give you 10 reasons why you should manage & track your projects with DeskAway.

Simple, feature-rich & affordable

You do not need any training to use DeskAway. If you can surf the web and check your mail, DeskAway will be a breeze. In addition, its packed with powerful features and is priced from free to $179/month!

Less email clutter

Once you start using DeskAway, you will automatically have less email clutter in your inbox and no problems finding old project information.

You control who sees what information

DeskAway's permission-control system is built with the idea that not everyone should know and see everything. Just like in real life!

Nothing to download or install

Since DeskAway is an on-demand business software delivered on the Internet, there is nothing to install, compile or configure. All you need is an Internet connection and a web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, FireFox or Safari).

Free updates

Whenever we make changes or add new features to DeskAway, you will be able to use them instantly! No more waiting to get things installed. This is the power of software on-demand.

Go Green
Use our service instead of buying a packaged project management software. All your project stuff will be in a central location - project plans, reports, to-do's, notes etc. This way you and your team are less likely to hit the print button. Save the trees and help conserve energy!

Easy delegation and tracking

You can send 10 tasks to your team members via email, but in merely three days you would've have forgotten about at least 5 of them, and managed to track only 3 of them - as newer tasks take precedence. DeskAway's systematized approach keeps your team on the ball.

Provide a consolidated view of all project progress

Don't we all want to know whats been worked on, its progress and by whom?

Your data is backed up daily

We save you the hassle of backing up data every day or every week. Our secure servers make using DeskAway completely stress-free.

Absolutely no risk

Signup for a free DeskAway account and see if it works for your organization and team. If it does not, then cancel anytime!