DeskAway Software Updates

Monthly changes and improvements to our software to create passionate users.

Legends - Red (Bug Fixes) Orange (Feature Updates) Green (New Features)


March 2012

  • Fixed error for Google Apps email mismatch.
  • Removed archived project from 'My Projects' drop down.
  • Message DeskMail - Now you can add Message or Message Comment via email.
  • Improved file quota check for files attached to Tasks, Issues and Message comments.
  • Fixed error with Calendar import through 'Add via URL' for Google Calendar.
  • Fixed error with .ics Calendar Import to Google Calendar.

February 2012

  • Removed DeskAway Blog list from Dashboard.
  • Modified file download code to take advantage of the CDN network for faster downloads.
  • Resolved issue with downgrade to free plan with archived projects.

January 2012

  • Resolved issue with incorrect chart being displayed for year based filter in Print Preview page for Milestone Timeline and Pie chart Reports.
  • Resolved issue with limited user name being displayed while adding a task comment assigned to "Anyone".
  • Resolved issue with the email notification being sent for self assigned task.
  • Fixed error while adding time to task from iPhone and Mobile site.
  • Resolved issue with time being added from iPhone or mobile considering the name of user adding the time instead of "assigned to" user.
  • Resolved browser issue in Chrome and Safari, with not being able to copy content in profile text-area in "My Profile".
  • Fixed error with quick task add popup window overlapping with the events in calendar page.
  • Fixed error with re-size event not working for a 1 day event.
  • Improved Time logging with Freshbooks.
  • Improved error handling in Project Add / Edit screen to consider API token reset in Freshbooks.
  • Added Charts in User detailed work report which displays User's Total Time spent by Project and by Type.

December 2011

  • Resolved issue with HTML characters being displayed in Task List name and Task Name in a few instances.
  • Resolved error with renewed account email subject.
  • Resolved error with User Profile Image and Profile tooltip not being displayed in Task Details.
  • Added "Task List" name with task name & "Added On" column in User's Detailed Work Report.
  • Resolved issue with DeskMail not generating thumbnails for images attached.
  • Added option to show / hide archived projects on projects listing page.
  • Quick Add task popup window now appears in Internet Explorer 9.
  • Fixed account transition error due to API changes by Payment gateway.
  • Timer window no longer displays completed task lists in the Task list drop down.
  • From and To date once set, is now remembered when switching users from drop down.
  • Fixed error with From and To date not being considered when trying to Filter results in User Summary Report page.
  • Improved error checking for misspelt emails on the signup page.

November 2011

  • Resolved issue with system emails not being delivered due to SPAM Filters settings.
  • Improved calendar interface to have Year jump.
  • Improved error handling for Calendar data.
  • Added Image Preview support for GIF, JPG and PNG images uploaded.
  • Redesigned Calendar interface. Now supports filter events by Month / Week / Day, Drag n Drop & Multi-day events.
  • Fixed issue with Task comments not displaying due to missing files.
  • Improved error handling for files which failed to upload.
  • Improved error handling during Account transition.

October 2011

  • Resolved a bug which was causing "Add Project" button to not display when FreshBooks account was canceled but integration with DeskAway account was kept active.
  • Project Listing filter now set to sort by 'Name' in Ascending order.
  • Updated connections to Google Apps to be secure(https) by default.
  • Resolved a bug which was causing Quick Add Task feature to read incorrect Task Description on a few sections.
  • Resolved a bug which was causing "Go back" link to break in Task Comments section.

September 2011

  • Updated TinyMCE editor.iPad's now display plain text box.
  • Fixed issue with "Issue Id" not being displayed on data export.
  • Fixed issue with recent document description not being displayed on data export.
  • Fixed issue with Blog description section in Project Blog RSS feed.
  • Company details section now displays 'State' value.
  • Fixed display issue with Milestone progress bar on "My Work Report" page.
  • Fav icon updated.
  • Reduced amount of system log information being recorded.
  • Social Tasks: Share your task with your social network.
  • Modified signup form design.
  • Dashboard now displays top 3 blog posts.
  • Removed "Set Dashboard past days" from settings page.
  • Resolved NONE priority email bug.
  • Resolved error with Updating account owner's email from profile page.

August 2011

  • Migrated user data to 'Rackspace Cloud'.
  • Resolved error with Percentage of Milestone completion being displayed incorrect.
  • DeskMail - Special characters - Double hyphen (--) symbol in the email body via DeskMail was ignoring body text.

July 2011

  • Users can now Print Task list.
  • Filter Reports by Category.
  • Filter Projects by 'Lead by me' filter.
  • DeskAway Web Version access from Mobile.
  • Project Report Export now includes 'Project Name'.
  • Collect feedback before user 'cancels / downgrades'.
  • Add Task with 'Enter / Return' key in Add Task section.
  • Added Task priority type "None" and changed Medium to Normal.
  • Task list "Print" is permission based now.

June 2011

  • Implemented pagination for Project listing.
  • Mark Tasks as not started.
  • Fixed IE bug in Task List page.
  • Resolved issues with Freshbook project Dropdown.
  • Logo now linked to Dashboard page.
  • "My Projects" link opens on click not on mouse over.
  • Added Upgrade link on Dashboard page for Power plan.

May 2011

  • Gantt Charts added - Visual view to your Project's Tasks and Milestone.
  • Resolved error with Google docs link in documents section.